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April 13, 2008

Hunger Protest starting April 7, 2008

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Dear Society Flyer


Manny Cordeiro, 40

Federal Prisoner # 853163-B

Now serving year 20 of my 21 year sentence

Kingston Penitentiary (KP)


And on behalf of my wife: Angie Cordeiro


Our website:


Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Will I need to starve to death when I start my hunger protest on Monday, April 7, 2008?

The reasons for my protest are detailed on page 5



Ms. Tersesa Westfal

Warden of KP;


Mr. Keith Coulter

Commissioner of Correctional Services Canada (CSC);


The Honourable Mr. Peter Milleken, MP for Kingston and The Islands:


Mr Greg Jones

Director of John Howard Society of Canada;


Ms. Lisa Finatari & Mr. Trevor Hammond

Directors of John Howard Society of Kingston:


Mr. Steven Harper, the Honourable Prime Minister of Canada;


And as I address in our public newsletter in,


Dear Society:


Feeling ridiculous for needing to result to these extreme measures, ladies and gentleman, I guess I’ll call this my Hunger Protest Notice. A typed copy of it can be viewed or printed from our website.


It costs “society” about $120,000 every year to imprison me in this most notorious maximum security prison in our nation, KP. That’s about an added $720, 000 to “wrongly imprison\detain” me for even the entire 6 years of my intended statutory release (SR, the final one third of my 21 years that I was sentenced to serve “society”, not warehoused in psychotic KP).


Yet the above and various other massive violations crushing us are part of this protest. They are only “side issues” that viciously exploit our poverty.


Using an old flyer from our newsletter as a “cover page” to place faces to names. It also starts to explain “the spark” that ignited the relentless tortures upon Angie and I ever since the Sharif scandal in 1993.



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