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April 13, 2008

Hunger Protest starting April 7, 2008

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Dear Society Flyer


Manny Cordeiro, 40

Federal Prisoner # 853163-B

Now serving year 20 of my 21 year sentence

Kingston Penitentiary (KP)


And on behalf of my wife: Angie Cordeiro


Our website:


Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Will I need to starve to death when I start my hunger protest on Monday, April 7, 2008?

The reasons for my protest are detailed on page 5



Ms. Tersesa Westfal

Warden of KP;


Mr. Keith Coulter

Commissioner of Correctional Services Canada (CSC);


The Honourable Mr. Peter Milleken, MP for Kingston and The Islands:


Mr Greg Jones

Director of John Howard Society of Canada;


Ms. Lisa Finatari & Mr. Trevor Hammond

Directors of John Howard Society of Kingston:


Mr. Steven Harper, the Honourable Prime Minister of Canada;


And as I address in our public newsletter in,


Dear Society:


Feeling ridiculous for needing to result to these extreme measures, ladies and gentleman, I guess I’ll call this my Hunger Protest Notice. A typed copy of it can be viewed or printed from our website.


It costs “society” about $120,000 every year to imprison me in this most notorious maximum security prison in our nation, KP. That’s about an added $720, 000 to “wrongly imprison\detain” me for even the entire 6 years of my intended statutory release (SR, the final one third of my 21 years that I was sentenced to serve “society”, not warehoused in psychotic KP).


Yet the above and various other massive violations crushing us are part of this protest. They are only “side issues” that viciously exploit our poverty.


Using an old flyer from our newsletter as a “cover page” to place faces to names. It also starts to explain “the spark” that ignited the relentless tortures upon Angie and I ever since the Sharif scandal in 1993.


To also explain our position of “extreme prejudice” within this monstrous bureaucracy: “why did I escape and run lost for my life in 1994, only months after I risked everything to save the life of a well respected wrongly imprisoned” citizen? As a reported model prisoner that was on the verge of being released to Angie, why did I suddenly escape and commit a senseless suicidal crime spree that added 12 years to my 9 years sentence?


As our newsletter details, after I managed to save Mr. Sharif, from a $50,000 contract to murder him in Collins Bay Prison in 1993, he was viciously attacked in a subsequent attempt to murder him. Mr. Sharif and I have never claimed that CSC itself was trying to kill him, but since 1993, we have implicated CSC. As we had to in order to prevent further attempts to murder him before he could prove his innocence (as he survived to do so in 1994). 


Regardless of any circumstances, or acts of corruption, I was of course wrong and sincerely apologize for my senseless crimes upon innocent people that never done us any wrong. My true remorse and regret was best “demonstrated” when I wasted no time confessing and taking responsibility for, and pleading guilty to all of my crimes. And I clearly did not do so for any Karla Homolka or such deals.


Yet KP-CSC reports and punishes me for not taking responsibility for my actions, thus making me feel like a total idiot for having always shown such a high level of accountability. Perhaps I’d have half my record and sentence if I had instead played the system as most do.


My most serious crime in 1994, or ever, took place on October 9, 1994 (my 27th birthday). I was surrounded by police, facing my capture (and being returned to CSC). I robbed a citizen of a car at gun point, and got way. I was captured hours later on rout to delivering a tragic letter to Angie that was found in my pocket (in our newsletter). The police read and called it my “suicide note”.


Now a decade and a half later after that Sharif scandal, I have long served every single day of that added 12 years sentence under the very worst maximum security conditions. Our claims remain the same, but the added abuses and tortures upon us have finally taken their toll, medically, mentally, legally, and physically.


In fact our 20th Anniversary just passed on March 8, 2008, and only days prior, “our situation” got so bad (with us still denied any form of visits), that I actually broke off with Angie. I now feel that I have no choice but to “force” Angie to leave me, and at least try to save herself from the mass-corruption that’s literally killing us.


Some may regard this protest and my decisions as “dramatic” or even some kind of “tactics” by a prisoner. Well the reality of our situation is unavoidably “dramatic”, especially when I’m now the one being “wrongfully imprisoned” for the entire 6 years of my SR. Ironic and pathetic also describe it. But “tactics?” By the time this notice is distributed we’ll be only days away from my protest, and if I survive it, my main objective is to try finding Angie the help she desperately needs to survive and overcome all that she must.




1.                  That the corrupt attacks upon Angie stop, and we finally be allowed some regular visits at this very explosive time in our lives (even if with directors of John Howard Society and/or guards sitting right beside us during such visits).

2.                  As a classified “medium security” prisoner for the third or fourth time in this decade that I’ve been warehoused in “maximum security” KP that I finally be transferred to a proper “medium security” prison where I belong.


That’s all, Ladies and Gentlemen, that these two added violations upon us stop. And yes, if required, I will actually starve to death until such abuses do stop. I’m not at all suicidal. In less than two years, KP-CSC will have to release me back out into society, however further traumatized and damaged I may be. I just really need to talk with Angie face to face right now. That’s all.


Last time when I forced Angie to leave me in 2002, when our situation had us both living dead, as we are now, Angie actually attempted “suicide”; a friend found her unconscious and rushed her to hospital Hotel Dieu in time to save her.


Angie has no doubt that I care about and love her in the same extremes as she more obviously feels for me. I’d not make such important decisions lightly. Losing our marriage presents such enormous consequences and implications, that I am now “numb” to every other scar or suffering. I will never heal or recover from our tragic end.


Angie and I met and fell in love a year prior to my federal imprisonment, in 1988. For 20 years, we’ve shared and fought for our same simple dreams: to survive this vicious nightmare and corruption, heal, recover, become productive citizens, have two kids we’ve long named, and work hard to give them everything that we didn’t have.


Angie is a respectful citizen that has never done anyone any wrong. At age 37, she has no criminal record. She doesn’t even smoke or drink. And until KP-CSC violated and tortured Angie to outright “disabling” extremes in 1999, she always enjoyed having a decent job.


If our charter of rights and freedoms act means anything, that’s the bottom-line about Angie. Yet, to justify denying us visits for going on another two years, KP-CSC keeps exploiting our poverty, and attacking Angie my already “disabled” wife, with no mercy. KP-CSC claims and reports that Angie smuggled drugs to me in May 2006, that Angie tried to mail me drugs in April 2007, and that Angie’s winter coat tested positive for LSD when she tried to have a closed security with me for Christmas 2007. KP-CSC reports such as “facts”.


KP-CSC has its very own police force that is right next door to KP: the Penitentiary Squad Police force. Prisoner or not, am I wrong to suggest that if KP-CSC really has those “facts”, it should share such with its own police force and have Angie charged for those “criminal acts?”


Is it fair or just for KP-CSC to slander, accuse, convict, sentence, and severely punish Angie for criminal acts, void of any charges or trials? And present Angie as some kind of drug lord at my parole hearing and such? What if your neighbor didn’t like your garden or something, and claims and even mailed you a couple of joints in the mail, what would you be guilty of?


As detailed in Section 23 of our newsletter, KP-CSC has a history of attacking Angie with drug “bullshit”. In 2000 just prior to my parole hearing, KP-CSC claimed and reported that our last three visits, Angie had been “clearly” recorded on security videotape passing me packages of drugs. One package and one videotape for each of our visits. Our visits were once again suspended, my “medium security” status was raised back to “maximum security”, and all of this was presented at my parole hearing: Parole Denied.


There are several security cameras and staff watching every move in the visiting room. If Angie passed me packages of drugs during those three visits (only days apart), and KP-CSC claims that it “recorded all three of those criminal acts”, well there a very good chance that it was recorded but what does it say, Ladies and Gentleman, that in knowing that no security tape could show the impossible, we ourselves called the police? The Kingston Police, OPP and RCMP, all rejected our request for an investigation into those “crimes” all insisted that we must use KP-CSC’S own police, the Pen Squad.


Angie and I went through another living hell just to “Force” the Pen Squad to come and see me. When they did, I presented KP-CSC’S reports claiming that Angie had been “clearly recorded” passing me three packages of drugs and pointed out that it’s a quick and simple investigation. Review the tapes, and if they show what KP-CSC claims, charge Angie and I for those “crimes” and if the three tapes don’t “clearly “show what KP-CSC claimed in reports, charge those officials for those “crimes”. Conspiracy, making false statements, etc.


In the end, the Pen Squad, the Correctional Investigator, and even KP-CSC had to admit that “none” of the tapes contained what was reported and used to further devastate us. Now 8 years later, the KP-CSC officials involved have never been charged or held accountable for those crimes and KP-CSC kept my security status at “maximum” and just continued torturing us.


The massive violations upon us were recorded in a July 24, 2000 letter to KP’s warden by the then Director of John Howard Society (JHS) of Kingston, Mr. Steve Orr. Some quotes from it:


“In Mr. Cordeiro’s case, an arrangement was made to view the tapes and an arrangement was made to do so on May 18, 2000. On that day we were informed by the Unit Manager that he had reviewed that video tapes and that there was no incriminating evidence, and therefore no need for us to see the tapes”.


“We were also informed by the Manager of V&C (Visiting Dept.) that the video tapes contained nothing to warrant closed visits. Two senior KP staff informed us that there was no evidence on the videotapes, yet, Mr. Cordeiro… “


“The Cordeiro Family have faced serious disciplinary actions which restricted their contact, increased their stress regarding their visits because they were accused of something they did not do and were not dealt with in a timely manner, and adversely affected his timely release from prison.”


Could our positions be any clearer, Ladies and Gentleman? And these are the types of attacks that Angie and I have been forced to endure on a regular bases ever since the Sharif Scandal in 1993, for a decade and a half and continuing. So nobody is giving up easily, not at all.


Since the Sharif Scandal in 1993, I have been unjustly isolated for about a decade. I had to face and survive an attack on my life, only to be left infected with a deadly Hepatitis B&C combo (in 1994, just prior to my losing my mind and escaping). I’ve “felt” my precious wife being violated and tortured to outright “disabling” (1999) and “suicidal” (2002) extremes. At age 35, my extreme stress and suffering in isolation even had my teeth coming loose, and all were removed from my mouth.


And ironically enough, in these last years, living dead as we’ve been, I did finally slip and used drugs at times. I came to KP with no drug record or problem, none whatsoever.


Not needing Angie or our visits. In fact at around the same time of the video tape trip, KP made front page headlines. Dozens of KP officials were snared by an undercover RCMP operation, “Correct Zero” for smuggling and dealing drugs, providing weapons to selected prisoners, an ordering them attack targeted prisoners, and other corrupt actions.


Two of those KP-CSC officials killed themselves to avoid prosecution, nine were fired, and the rest were simply warned to stop being so corrupt. Point being that the level of corruption in KP-CSC is nothing new, and these are the people controlling and destroying our lives, at $120,000 per year.


CSC’s Commissioner’s Directive (CD) #705-8 is signed by Mr. Keith Coulter, and is titled “Assessing Serious Harm (to victims of crimes). Every prisoner is officially assessed by CSC as to whether or not his crimes caused “Serious Harm,” that is defined as: “severe physical injury or severe psychological damage.”


Incidentally, (CD) #705-8 states that two symptoms of “severe psychological harm” to victims of crimes as: “has suicide indications and, addicted to drugs”.


However serious my own crimes were, and however prejudiced I am within CSC, it officially assessed that none of my crimes caused “Serous Harm” to any victim, as per the legal definition of “serious harm”.


That’s why at the top of my KP-CSC reports, there appears “Married” yes”. Gang affilations: None “Serious Harm: No”.


KP-CSC-NPB (National Parole Board) do have the power to keep prisoners “imprisoned/detained” for part or all of their “Statutory Release (SR),” if those prisoners meet the set criteria’s to be “detained” for their SR.


That is, if a prisoner’s crimes caused “Serious Harm” as per its official definition, if prisoners raped a child; if a prisoners crimes included “SEROUS drug offences” as defined; or if there is legitimate info. That if released on SR, a prisoner will commit any of the above.


At my “NPB detention hearing on January 23, 2004, the NPB concluded that I did not meet any of the above criteria’s to be “detained”, and so I was and am not a “detained” prisoner (not officially or legally anyway).


Even that detention hearing itself was unjust, as I did not meet any criteria to have it. Out of pure prejudice for me, KP’S then Warden,  Mike Ryan suddenly claimed that two of my 1994 crimes caused “serious Harm,” this was in complete contradiction to my official assessment of “Serious Harm”: No,” and my every parole officer or case workers assessments and reports. Ryan’s “false statement” caused that detention hearing.


Again, the NPB did support my position by so judging that I did not meet “any” of the criteria’s to be detained. And criteria #1 is: “Serious Harm.” Mr. Ryan has since been promoted to the top of CSC.


However by my simply being at a detention hearing” and reporting by KP-Ryan in the worst of ways to justify his corrupt position, the NPB made my SR as impossible as possible. I’d now have to serve it in CSC’s very own worst Halfway house: the Keel Center, in Toronto. As opposed to going home to my “disabled” wife, here in Kingston.


As detailed in our newsletter, though I managed to get a $32/hour job in the mere”2 weeks” that my SR lasted, that’s all it lasted. And, banding together, KP-CSC-NPB call that my own chance and so I’ve been imprisoned (to avoid using “detained” which I’m not) in Maximum Security KP, denied visits, isolated, and tortured to these extremes for these last 4 years of my intended SR.


And at a recent “parole” hearing in November 2007 (resulted in a rare split decision to release and not release me “wrongly imprisoned/detain” me for even these next 2 years of my SR until my 21 years fully expire, on February 18, 2010, when I’ll be 42 years old. All in KP.


Its now Wednesday, March 19, 2008, Midnight:


Be you friend or foe, fair or unfair, Angie and I really do appreciate your time and patience ladies and gentleman. I know I need to bring this “notice” to a close. But what if KP-CSC does allow me to starve to death in this protest? Angie will lose it completely. So I plead for your patience as I need to cover a few more things. One document explaining our final tragedy together would much help her explain it all.


To first close that above “Serious Harm/Manipulation”, even if I were legally “imprisoned” in KP, the law CCRAs 127(5) entitle me to be released on SR for the final one-third or these following 2 years of my SR and sentence. KP-CSC NPB are knowingly ignoring the facts and realities of my case, and using that illegal one-chance SR special order to keep me imprisoned for even these final 2 years. In violation of CCRA’s 127(5).


These decisions and violations present massive consequences with far reaching implications upon our already devastated lives. Poverty really does suck, and justice is not at all fair and equal for all citizens in Canada. Not for those that can’t afford and are simply denied justice, like us.


Though I’m clearly intent on documenting it all for the record of things, I’m powerless to stop these endless attacks upon us at this time. Angies medical side effects are now right out of control, she’s in and out of doctor’s offices, and I best know that seeing us both being so gang-raped since 1993, I’m becoming so traumatized and damaged, that Angie’s waiting and sacrificing so much, for yet another 2 years, for nothing. Damaged goods.


I know that some people feel that prisoners should serve every single day in prison, period. And I’m in full agreement. But to be fair with such, it should be one’s best-informed sentencing Judge that decides such. And considers such in this sentence: every single day served in prison.


Denied a lawyer in such a complicated case I was forced to represent myself in my 1994 crimes. I appeared for sentencing before the Honorable Justice Webber. Mr. Sharif gave testimony and Angie gave testimony at to how our lives were flipped, right upside down after the Sharif Scandal. And I presented my case as best as I could in writing and verbally.


My prosecutor made a motion that I serve half of my sentence before I could be paroled or released from prison. Justice Webber “denied” the motion, added that I did not meet the criteria’s for such. Did he intend for me to serve my entire sentence in KP?


I also made a court motion ladies and gentleman that I serve my entire sentence. That is for Justice Webber to order me to serve every day of his intended sentence in prison, and of course consider everything he had just listened to. That it was CSC’s corruption that I ran lost from, and that it’s back to CSC that he’s sentencing me to. To please be fair with any parole or SR he sentences me to.


Justice Webber “denied” my court motion, adding that he never heard of such a “fixed” sentence as I called it. That he must sentence me as per a guideline that does consider parole and SR.


Motion Denied, but I sure could see the future, and here I am serving every day of my sentence, in psychotic KP, being tortured to near death with my precious wife.


Why would I even make that Court Motion a decade and half ago? What was I thinking? My simple answer is that my claims are all real.


As was CSC’S corruption that I ran lost from. Since Mr. Sharif and I implicated CSC, I saw just how corrupt and vicious CSC could be, and I knew that such would only intensify upon return to CSC


In January 1997 CSC placed me in KP; only months later, the very same CSC officials that Mr. Sharif and I implicated in the Sharif Scandal, also came to KP. One as KP’s Deputy Warden, and his brother, as head of KP’s visiting department. A huge paper trail existed to show how strongly I objected to such a sad joke, but was silenced and ignored.


That’s also when the direct attacks upon Angie and our visits started, when we became drug lords. Saying much, two years later, Angie was outright “disabled”. And when those at the top of KP are allowed and even encouraged to violate and harm us, it becomes a popular and even promotional thing for everyone else in KP to do the same and so it has been for decades and counting.


KP-CSC is claiming and reporting, as presented to the NPB at my hopeless “Parole” hearings just past, that in May 2006, Angie smuggled drugs to me. That in April 2007, she tried to mail me drugs by mail. And that she’s some LSD freak that set KP’S Ion-Drug scanner off when she tried to have a closed visit for Christmas 2007 and all of this it reported as “facts” used by KP-CSC-NPB to justify doing this to us.


Once again void of any charges by its own Police Force, or trials where Angie could defend herself: KP-CSC is slandering, accusing, convicting, sentencing, and punishing Angie for what amounts to “criminal acts”. Denying us visits and real contact obviously hurts us and our relationship, as intended to.


Again appreciating your patience with all this, I feel a need to defend Angie in the above claims. Angie has never smuggled any drugs to me as said, in these last years, I did slip at my most desperate times and used drugs. And KP did find a small amount of drugs on me in May 2006, and charged me (possession, 75 days added to my sentence). Angie or our visits had nothing to do with it, but KP-CSC is manipulating circumstances to claim it as a “fact” drugs are readily available in KP.


When we were due to gain at least “no contact” security visits, KP-CSC claims that Angie tried to send me drugs in the mail, in a letter or something. And so we continued to be denied any form of visits, in my two decades of imprisonment, this is the only time this has happened. Angie had nothing to do with such, and anyone that mails “Manny Cordeiro” drugs in the mail that is opened and inspected by KP, can only do so to harm me.


KP claims that it did send the letter to its own Police Force to investigate it and Angie, and that the Pen Squad felt that it could not investigate it. I imagine they compared any writing to Angie’s, checked for prints, etc. Point being there was nothing to investigate Angie about, so is it fair for KP-CSC-NPB to keep reporting and slandering Angie with this? If I send you a joint in the mail, what are you guilty of?


As for the LSD attack on December 30, 2007, our intended Xmas visit, that was just plain corrupt. We had just forced KP-CSC to at least allow us “no contact” security visits, had about a dozen such visits. Angie pleaded with Warden Westfal to please allow her a contact visit with me for Christmas. Flatly denied.


When my already “disabled” wife arrived at KP for our security visit, KP-CSC claims that Angie’s winter coat tested positive for LSD with its ion drug scanner. It detects minute traces of drugs, and is known to make many false positive tests. Angie insisted on a second ion-scan test, and it did not detect any drugs. Yet KP sent Angie away crying denying us even a security visit for Xmas. We’d been 100% sealed from one another, and even need to talk over phone.


KP-CSC knew that the ion-scan had just returned from the repair shop. And that it had gone off on three other visitors that morning. I happened to come into possession of a memo by KP correctional supervisor, dated only a couple of days after that LSD attack on Angie it relates to a correctional supervisor meeting, and how “the pressure on the ion-scanner is too high,” it names someone to take it back to repair shop the next day, and names someone else to pick up a loaner ion-scanner from CBI Collins Bay Institution.


Knowing the above, KP CSC nevertheless further suspended all types of visits for us for 30 days, that is far beyond the norm, but was timely in allowing KP-CSC to present it at my parole hearing on January 23, 2008. It is now March and KP-CSC just allowed us security zero contact visits. I will not see us get so ridiculed and tortured when KP-CSC staff knows the ion scanner was broken.


Despite the past headlines of KP-CSC corruption all KP-CSC staff refuses to be subjected to KP’S ion scan when coming to work. Why? If it is reliable enough to torture innocent citizens why not also use it on staff? That it’s not, says it all, so enough with this.


What I should be protesting for, is for a first accountable investigation into “our situation” and claims of corruption that our entire system of justice and politics have allowed ever since 1993 and for my obvious wrongful imprisonment/detention” to stop, and Angie and I finally be allowed to breathe, heal, recover, and start rebuilding our crushed lives.


If ever I were a “detained prisoner,” I’d be allowed a NPB detention review hearing, for my SR, not parole but since I’m not, I’m not even allowed that. I can only apply for hopeless parole hearings every two years, and my sentence fully expires in less then two years. Does it sound fair that I should be treated and punished even more severely then those prisoners that do meet the detention criteria and are in fact “detained”?


So I’d be better off if my own crimes did cause “serious harm” or I really were some drug lord? Whatever manipulations KP-CSC-NPB wishes to play with our lives, the fact remains that I do not meet any detention criteria, that I’m not detained yet I’m being destroyed beyond hope in maximum security KP for my entire SR of 6 years.


With good reason, I calculate 3 years served for each year of my kind of imprisonment since the Sharif Scandal in 1993, and that’s low; I’m now serving year “49” of my intended 21 year sentence.


In another two years it will be 55 years, I will feel like any person that’s been wrongly imprisoned for the balance of 34 years, how else can I feel?


And I doubt this nightmare will even end the full expiry of my 21/55 year sentence on February 18, 2010 the fact that I’m being warehoused in maximum security KP (even when a maximum security prison) even when I’m a medium security prisoner gets used to deny me parole or even my SR. because I’m being detained one way or another until my expiry, the next move will be to order a section 810 on me upon my release, with endless conditions that can keep me circling in prison for the rest of my life.


The above is a factor in my position that Angie must leave me and save herself before it’s really too late. Though Karla Homolka, Paul Bernardo’s beloved, beat her section 810, order a section 810 on me upon my release, with endless conditions that can keep me circling in prison for the rest of my life.


The above is a factor in my position that Angie must leave me and save herself before its really too late.  Though Karla Hamolka, Paul Bernardo’s beloved, beat her section 810 order, I’ll not have her money or news media attention that translates to justice; I didn’t abduct rape murder, and butcher innocent children like they did. She served 12 years, half my sentence, poverty or not we’d not need this website or this protest if I were Bernardo or Angie were Halmolka.


Bernardo here in KP has not only always enjoyed regular visits without his family being viciously attacked, but also private family visit, twice very month. He’s on top pay; I’m on no pay for going on 3 years. She has even had a baby, something that we will never have, as things now stand.


This notice also addresses three directors of John Howard Society. JHS is a charitable organanisation with a mission to help prisoners and their families successfully reintegrate into society. In so doing it also helps society itself, even if Society does not know it, and thus doesn’t really donate to JHS.


As I’ve candidly expressed to the three directors of JHS, Mr. Jones Finatari, and Mr. Hammond, I think it sad that over the years, JHS has had to result to more and more funding from CSC for its budget. And such does present some sort of conflict of interest in “our situation,” but I’m realistic, and understand that somebody has to pay the bills for the valuable services that JHS provides.


For the poor and vulnerable that can’t afford justice, JHS is the last resort to try finding some protection, some basic Justice. Since the Sharif Scandal in 1993, we have kept JHS updated on our situation though JHS has not been able to stop the relentless violations and tortures upon us, I can only appreciate everything that JHS has done for us.


JHS feels powerless to help us in such extreme situation with KP-CSC and our entire justice system. I can well understand that but if I were a director of JHS I would not feel at all I’d investigate our claims, and given the real facts I’d not allow this mass-corruption to so viciously violate, torture, and destroy us for a decade. Did I really save Mr. Sharif life? Did the plot to murder him really exist? Did we implicate CSC? Did we not become viciously targeted by CSC ever since? Am I not being “wrongly detained” for the entire 6 years of my SR? Did KP not know the ion-drug-scanner was broken (“pressure is too high”) and send it back to the repair shop a couple days after the Xmas 2007 LSD attack upon Angie?


The facts in our situation speak for themselves yet JHS or anyone else can’t do anything about it. And so in our desperation in being so traumatized and damaged beyond reason we result to our website that’s still under serious construction, to this hunger protest, and to the dramatic tough decisions. Accept our defeat and destruction and I’m pleading with JHS to please help Angie survive all that she must.


I’m no longer pleading with JHS to help us in our situation but to please focus on helping Angie her medical situation is out of control and she’s losing her mind over our tragic end. We desperately need to talk face to face with no phones. And though drugs are no issue between us and our visits, I do invite any director from JHS to be present at such visits to properly assess Angie situation. My dramatic decisions, and assess how JHS may help my “disabled” wife overcome and survive all that she must.


As it now stands, I’m only asking for say 4-6 such visits. Once done I will have Angie and anyone else removed from my visiting list outright. What real choice do I have? Angie would rather die than abandon me in this corruption and lose our powerful love. Thus my desperation for JHS to please help Angie. I don’t want Angie to die.


As for my own situation and what will become of me, I give up, and will just do my time. Right now I’m so traumatized and damaged that once released I see myself as disabled as well. $120,000 a year to disable Angie and I whatever KP-CSC-NPB wish to twist and manipulate to report me as some drug lord with every dysfunction known to mankind its all good, that’s me I guess.


In closing I wish to confess something to you, Ladies and Gentleman: considering all things, I now regard my saving Mr. Sharif’s life in 1993 as the biggest “mistake” in my life, and that saddens me more then you can know. But if I could go back in time, yeah I’d have turned my back on Mr. Sharif and he’d be stabbed to death. I thought I did a positive deed by saving a helpless citizen tortured to our outright destruction for that mistake.


I feel horrible to now feel that way, but Mr. Sharif’s death would have been my fault or doing, not at all. I had enough problems of my own. I did not risk so much to save him for any rewards or awards. He was placed in prison cell with me, I came to believe in his obvious innocence, he was an older man, and I simply could not allow him to be killed.


We know that KP-CSC may well allow me to starve to death in this protest. We’re dealing with “masters of manipulations” that have the power to report anything they wish as fact and Angie and I are simply too poor, too alone, and too vulnerable to do much about it.


At this time anyway, I am powerless to stop these endless attack upon us, but I will continue to at least document all things in our newsletter, for the record. We are not ones with anything to hide, and if KP-CSC really feels that my requests with this protest are unreasonable, well I guess it can let me die. Once I start getting weak and sick, I will have KP-CSC place me back in isolation cell for the duration of my protest. I’m not at all looking forward to this added trauma upon us, but what else should I do to resolve these issues that I’ve not already tried?


Thank you for your time and patience,



Manuel Cordeiro  


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